Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too Many Emotions

Wow...I feel like my head and heart are going to explode. Sooooo many emotions over the past week. I guess I'll get the hang of this blogging thing soon and update more regularly....But last week was pretty crazy and this week is off to a hectic start too.

Anyway, I am a godmother! I'm soooo excited about it, but its bittersweet too. She (my goddaughter) is an absolute doll and I'm so happy that she is here safe and sound. But every time I look down at here all I can think about is my own situation. Am I a crazy, selfish person? Sometimes that's how I feel. Initially, when my cousin (the 18 year old) asked me to be her godmother I was unsure about it. But I just focused on putting my own situation aside and thought of how huge a blessing it is to be asked something like that. Maybe God is trying to tell me something....who knows. But anyway, I just love her to pieces and I'm so excited about having a relationship with her. Mr. B thinks she is an absolute doll too, and she is actually the first infant he has ever held. Almost brought tears to my eyes...again, thinking about him becoming a dad one day.

Went to acupuncture for the first time a few days ago and I have to say it was pretty awesome. The acupuncturist was very nice and told me that he has had several women become pregnant after treatment with him. Of course, this is great news that I will try to keep planted in the front of my mind when the time for IVF rolls around. It was super hard for me to relax, but towards the end of the session my mind calmed down a bit and I was able to close my eyes and relax. I guess with more sessions I will get the hang of it. Can't wait to go back.

Not much happening on the whole baby making front for us. We are taking a forced 3 month break after the ectopic and methotrexate shot. I guess its good and I shouldn't be too bummed about it. In this 3 month time frame, I'm hoping to loose some weight, focus on Mr. B and enjoy my vacation to the Dominican Republic on May 1st.

Nothing really eventful happening around here. OH! I am going to a concert tomorrow night that I am super excited about. Jay-Z, Trey Songz and some other R&B / Hip Hop folks....can't wait. More soon.....


  1. I'm dropped in from LFCA and wanted to say hello. Methotrexate shots bite big time, and I'm very sorry for all that you've been through. I hope you find the support that you are looking for.

  2. Here from LFCA to also say hello. I'm also in DC - if you want a great in-person support group, check out www.heal-from-within.com/. Lisa is great and holds a monthly drop-in workshop/support group that has been very helpful for me.

    I'm so sorry for your ectopic pregnancies. I had one after my 2nd IUI and had to do methotrextrate (sp?)... and I'm not sure when I'll be ready again to try & trying to find a peaceful balance right now. Glad blogging has helped - me too - I just started about a month ago. I'll look forward to following you!

  3. Hi, here from LFCA. I am so sorry to hear about everything that you've been through. I hope that this community brings you the same support that it has brought to me.


  4. Thanks for the comments new friends! I'm so glad that you all stopped by! I'm so excited to begin this new chapter in TTC and I wish you all the best of luck as well!!!