Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can I get a damn break please?

I need to get over it right? People just don't get it. For fucks sake. Please excuse my french. I am pissed. No, I do not normally talk this way. Sorry if I offended anyone. Really, I'm sorry about the F word.
Just got an email from my SIL. Who is very pregnant. We would be giving birth around the same time, had my first pregnancy with Mr. B not been ectopic. Anyway, got an email from her sharing some online portraits. I should have known right? But instead of trusting my gut, I looked at them. And what do I of her enormous (but effing beautiful) pregnant belly, and her absolutely glowing family.
Can I get a freakin' break please? Or at least a warning via text message or something? Don't just throw them in my damn lap. I mean really. Dear, dear (mentally insane) SIL, you KNOW I have lost 2 pregnancies in the last eight months. Can I get a break please?

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