Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm sorry...

All of my post thus far have been soooo, oh, I don't know....depressing. This is not who I really am. It's like sometimes something just goes off inside me. I keep telling myself it's just a phase...and I'll get through it...eventually.
I promise to perk it up a bit.


  1. We understand... this is what our journey does to us and we all know that this has ebbs and flows to it. I'm sorry you've been in a more down flow lately. I hope you find peace. Find Joy Now posted a link to a video that helped me - you may like it right now:

  2. You have a right to feel however you feel. Don't apologize! We all have ups and downs. Just take good care of yourself and maybe treat yourself to something special...perhaps it's time for a trip to the spa :)

  3. Hey!!
    I just found you via the Stirrup Queens blogroll and thought your title seemed cool! Can't believe someone really said that to you. Anyway I've read back a bit to catch up and turns out we have been through the same thing-I have had one ectopic and also had the methotrexate, it was this same time last year. I am so sorry for your losses and your insensitive family members. You definitely deserve a break. I'm hoping IVF works out well for you and have added you to my blogroll!!

  4. What on EARTH are you apologizing about!?! This stuff sucks quite often, and when it does, that's what this space is for, to let you rant it out loud! Don't you dare apologize for feeling the way you feel. Get it all out! Just know that as heavy and quick as the despair an set in...peace can surprise you! Be prepared for that too!

    Huggzz! And I noticed you added me to your blogroll!! Thanks hun! I appreciate that!