Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week From Hell

I can't believe it's been a week since I've logged on...I've wanted to write, but this has been the craziest week ever.
It started off pretty uneventful, but then got hairy after yet another trip to the ER on Tuesday night. Ahhhh, that's right. Just how I wanted to spend my Fat the freakin' ER getting sutures after a truly unfortunate incident involving myself, my puppy, and my damn eye. Yup, my e-y-e. I looked like Buster Douglas and it was awful. I don't even want to get into exactly what happened because its too damn embarrassing.
Sooooo, here's the run down of the week:
Monday = well, Monday. Nuff said.
Tuesday night = ER
Wednesday = no work, because again, I was too embarrassed to be seen.
Thursday = Uncle's funeral.
Friday = Real Estate Management course, alllllllllll day long in a DC conference room with no windows. Fun.

On the whole baby/ectopic pregnancy front, not much has happened. My betas are going down slowly but surely and I'm just hoping to not have to get another methotrexate shot. Next week will be the true test depending on how those numbers look. Other than that....nada. When this whole thing is over, I'm really going to focus on getting myself together. Eating better, working out more and really taking care of me. I go to acupuncture on Monday (YAY!) and I'm also going to my PCP for a referral to see a therapist. So, moving right along....

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